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The Federation schools aim to deal with concerns as quickly, sympathetically and effectively as possible. It is hoped that most concerns will be settled amicably without recourse to the formal Complaints procedure. Parent and carers should talk about their concern to their child's class teacher in the first instance. If they feel their concern has not been dealt with appropriately, parents and carers should then make an appointment to discuss it further with the Head of Teaching & Learning.


If the complainant remains dissatisfied, they will be directed through the formal stages of the First Federation Complaints procedure. The complainant will initially be invited to meet with the Executive Head of Teaching & Learning or CEO. If they remain dissatisfied, the complainant will then be invited to a meeting of the Complaints Panel, which is the final stage of the procedure.  


The complete First Federation Complaints procedure can be viewed and downloaded below. This explains the different complaint stages and timelines.

The Complaints form, to be used for Formal Complaints, can be also downloaded separately below. 

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