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Our expertise is in primary education.

We have a strong track record of improving pupils’ outcomes in the schools that have joined us. We aim to grow in a sustainable manner to ensure that we continue to be a successful Trust.


We welcome approaches from schools interested in finding out what we have to offer, and will consider each approach individually.


The following criteria will be used to consider whether the school should join the Trust:

  • The current capacity of the Trust to support the school and/or current capacity of the school to help other schools.
  • The type of school (primary, secondary, special, new school, federation of schools, converter and sponsored, church and community).
  • The geographical location of the school compared to the existing Trust hubs.
  • The culture and ethos of the school and whether the school is open to adopting the Trust school improvement, leadership and governance systems and structures.
  • The level of risk around reputation, finances and standards that the school is likely to bring to the Trust.
  • The strategy of the RSC.

This evaluation will form part of our due diligence process.


The different steps of the process are summarised below:

  1. Initial discussions about the trust/ school;
  2. Presentation to governors;
  3. Follow up conversations;
  4. Request by the school to apply to join the trust;
  5. Due Diligence starts;
  6. Application to the RSC;
  7. Discussions with RSC/ Trust/ School
  8. Academy order produced;
  9. Legal processes;
  10. School joins the trust.

(This assumes a successful outcome)