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Working in our Trust is an exciting opportunity.

We have carefully thought through plans for development.  There will always be choices of route; there will often be diversions and the speed at which we travel will vary. Importantly, we will always get to where we intend. At the heart of our school improvement model is the formula: strategy+capacity+pace=school improvement. This formula is equally applicable to the Trust as a whole.  We need to ensure that the vision of our Trust is being achieved. As a Trust we strive to support the improvement and pedagogical model we have developed to ensure that we achieve the very best for each of our pupils, whatever their starting point and personal circumstances.
Improvement within the First Federation has long been the responsibility of all.  Every member of the team needs to share responsibility for the achievement of all pupils, whichever school they are based in. 
Collaboration provides the lifeblood of our Trust.  Working together ensures we achieve the best outcomes possible.  We make no excuse for having high expectations – our pupils deserve the very best. We have a collective responsibility to deliver the best for our pupils, within the resources we have available. Continued collaboration will ensure that are making the very best use of our collective resources and achieve maximum impact.
We must always remember that our Trust is judged by the effectiveness of our schools and not the other way around.  We are committed to providing support for every part of our Trust so that it can be successful long into the future.

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