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Collective Worship and Religious Education

Schools and daily acts of collective worship

Each pupil must take part in a daily act of collective worship unless they have been withdrawn by their parents.

Our Church of England schools must provide collective worship in accordance with the tenets and practices of the Church of England.

Our community schools (schools that do not have a religious designation) must provide collective worship that is wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character. A school can reflect the religious backgrounds represented in its community, as long as the majority of provision is broadly Christian.


Religious education

Our schools follow the Devon and Torbay agreed RE syllabus.


The right to withdraw from religious education and/or collective worship

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and/or collective worship, and should contact the Head of Teaching & Learning to ask for this. Parents will be invited to a meeting to discuss withdrawal and to explore how their concern may be met. Parents are not obliged to attend such a meeting in which case withdrawal shall be put into effect immediately and the school will notify the parent.


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