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Ethos Committees

‘Our Federation Church Schools are places where the person of Jesus Christ is at the centre of all the school is and does’

All are created in the image of God and uniquely talented by Him

Everyone is a child of God and immeasurably loved by Him


Constitution of an Ethos Committee

  •  Representatives from the local church e.g.

                        - The Parish Vicar

                        - Member of the PCC

                        - Reader

  • Parent who worships at a local church
  • Pupils drawn from different ages (as many pupils as adults)
  • The RE subject leader
  • The Head of Teaching and Learning

(The pupils involvement in the committee would be balanced with the relevance, sensitivity and confidentiality of the work)


Each individual School Ethos Committee will:

  • provide a forum for pupil voice
  • ensure their school maintains and develops their Christian distinctiveness
  • provide the bridge between the local church and the whole school community
  • enable the church to be embedded in the school and the school in the church
  • use the SIAMS toolkit to identify action plan
  • support and challenge the school's vision of academic and spiritual excellence
  • be the gardener for the 'seed bed'

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