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Vision and Values

Our Vision


Our Vision for schools in the First Federation Trust is that:


Everyone works to enable outstanding learning and teaching - putting children first


We will achieve our vision if:

    • Every child is inspired to learn by an exciting, innovative, and challenging curriculum
    • Every child is taught by an Exceptional Teacher
    • Everyone in the Trust is a Lifelong Learner


To meet the aspirations of the ‘whole child’


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The Values of our Trust

  • 1) We always ensure that we put children first in everything we do.

  • 2) We want to inspire all members of our Trust communities through the opportunities that are available.

  • 3) We believe that through collaboration we will always achieve the best outcomes. Teams must work with one another to achieve our aims. We believe that distributing leadership at all levels is fundamental to how we operate.

  • 4) All members of the Trust and school communities act with integrity.

  • 5) Developing a sense of loyalty in all our staff is paramount in our relentless pursuit for excellence. We will support our staff to become experts in all that they do.

  • 6) Our staff never settle for the easiest and quickest solutions to a problem. We want our teams to innovate and develop exciting, new approaches.

  • 7) We believe that all pupils should be able to attain and progress within our schools. We are fully inclusive and welcome pupils from vulnerable groups.

  • 8) As a Trust, we have a responsibility to and for all members of our school and wider communities. We care deeply about the opportunities we provide and strive to improve the outcomes for all. As a Trust, we also value the uniqueness of each of our schools.

  • 9) We want to transform the life-chances of our children by focussing on raising standards, particularly in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy so that our pupils have the best possible start in life. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop life skills.

  • 10) We must ensure that all our staff are able to develop a range of appropriate and equitable approaches to meet the needs of all pupils, especially those who are most disadvantaged.

  • 11) We use our resources as efficiently as possible to ensure maximum impact for our children. We keep central costs down to an essential minimum. Resources will be used effectively to support the pupils in the Trust now. We will ensure that we are ready and have the capacity to deal with unknown, future challenges and opportunities.

  • 12) We recognise that children, schools and a federation cannot best flourish on their own. We seek to work in partnership with families, local communities, Church communities, national and educational bodies to enable children and schools to see their wider significance, place and purpose in the world.

  • 13) We want to be an employer of choice and a career long option. We are driven by a sense of fairness at all levels. We follow the guiding principles of School Teachers Pay & Conditions and National Joint Council conditions of service.

  • 14) We must expect all our schools to improve and support the improvement of others. Staff have a collective responsibility for the outcomes of each child in all our schools.

  • 15) All members of our school communities should enjoy making their own contributions and recognise the difference it makes to others.

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